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Trace ton chemin

22 September 2022, 15 September 2023

Saint Gilles

The road safety campaign “Trace ton Chemin” (Marking your way) is a yearly event whereby in the space of a single morning 1000+ kids walk to school with chalk tied to a bamboo stick. The sidewalks are covered with traces of children moving about in public space.

This event is a powerful reminder that children deserve safe neighbourhoods, where they can move about without fear. It sheds light on the many obstacles children face when walking to school, including drivers blocking the zebra path, drivers being too distracted by their phones to notice a child waiting by a zebra path, heavy and fast traffic making it scary to cross the road.

The campaign is created by the collective “La Ville aux Enfants”, in collaboration with Heroes for Zero, Walk.Brussels and Les Chercheurs d’air and is financed by “All-for Zero” and Brussels-Mobility.

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