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Collecting data

You noticed cars speeding on your street or a dangerous intersection - but now what?

First step is to document the situation with data-collection to support your case when addressing local authorities to demand intervention measures. We have the tools to help you do that : speed guns, noise measurers, Go Pro cameras, Telraams (device to be installed in your window or balcony that measures speed but also counts the number of trucks, cars, pedestrians, cyclists going by).

You can also organise a collective speed measuring session through Johanna’s mobile lab. Find out here how to borrow those tools and get guidance from us on how to best build-up your case and how to act on it.

Becoming an advocate for road security

Heroes for Zero believes our power lies in the fact that the association has not a single spokesperson but many faces representing the movement. Ordinary citizens who speak up for road security to the press, local authorities or on social media. If you too want to join our team of advocates, we organise various types of workshops to give you the necessary skills to lay out arguments in a calm and confident way.

Navigating Brussels politics is not always easy

- who are your local representatives?
- how to write to them?
- how to use tools like Fix my street and other official channels?

We are here to help you figure this out.

Organising street actions

Organising street actions is at the core of what we do. It might seem intimidating or overwhelming but we are here to help you in every step of the way.

- How do you organise a meeting with your neighbours?

- How to start a petition?

Connecting to a local Vision Zero group or another collective is the first step. Here are but a few examples of some of our street actions:

- Setting up a commemoration or a «die-in» (crowd lying on the asphalt at the place of collision) for a recently-hit person to demand the relevant authorities to intervene urgently.

- Organising a «pedestrian critical mass» (having a crowd constantly crossing a zebra path) or a human chain to attract attention to a dangerous intersection.


Heroes for Zero is also about creating a sense of community amongst people with a similar passion for safer streets. Activism is not easy to uphold in the long-run, and yet change is often agonisingly slow. It is important to take care of oneself but also of each other. If you have any new ideas that might bring people together, we’re all ears!

To give an example, we organise sessions of “papote/popote”: we talk while chopping veggies and cooking a pot of soup together. Theme of discussion is open, it can be directly linked to road security or discussing a particular book or simply be a safe space for venting out frustrations.

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