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April 2021 - June 2023

Saint Gilles

"Excalibur" is a project carried out between 2021 and 2023 with 5th grade children (aged 10) to redevelop their school surroundings (Ulenspiegel, Saint-Gilles). We made the pedestrian crossing safer by building a "parklet" (a pavement extension with a bench) on the parking space in front of the zebra path at the main entrance of the school.

Removing the parking space improved visibility of the crossing, while offering parents and school staff a green place to sit. In a second phase, we removed the asphalt on either side of the crossing and planted plants directly into the ground. Finally, we redesigned part of the Place des Héros to make it more playful and welcoming. All along this process, we organised preparatory workshops and participative workcamps to include children as much as possible. It culminated with a visit to the local town hall, where the children presented the mayor a list of recommendations on how to continue improving the safety of the school surroundings, including by making the street pedestrian.

This project was carried out in collaboration with Less Béton and the Cité des Jeunes, funded by Bruxelles-Mobilité.

Manifesto: Brussels for Kids