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Summer streets Excalibur Andere Atelier / L’Autre Atelier Imagine.Brussels Trace ton chemin Memorial for road victims We love Bruxelles 30 La ville aux enfants/ Quartier Pogge Equity paper: “Social justice in vision zero and ethnic discrimination” TheFuture The goals are many but our focus is now on the 2024 elections and driving a message to […]

About us

About us Heroes for Zero started as a grass-roots movement in 2017, following the death of Stéphanie Verbraekel. A driver driving at 98km/h on Chaussée de Haecht hit her, causing her to die shortly after. Her death unleashed a wave of indignation and solidarity, which then gave birth to 1030/0, a citizen collective striving for […]


Join By becoming part of Heroes for Zero you gain access to a network of supportive and caring members who will help you advocate for safer streets in Brussels. You will also gain access to useful resources, such as our library, speed-measuring devices and more. Find your local chapter, or if you’re not sure which […]


Heroesfor Zero Heroesfor Zero Heroes brave traffic in Brussels daily. They fight to improve their neighbourhoods, through actions big and small. You are a Hero. Zero is the number of road traffic victims we find acceptable. Take action Take action Our mission Learn Find articles, studies, and facts that will help you advocate for road […]


Contact Stay in touch We will regularly update you on the critical developments in road safety in Brussels. We will inform you on the new tools and give information that will help you successfully take action in making your neghbourhood and your city safe for you and your loved ones. vzw Heroes for Zero asbl […]


Do Collecting data You noticed cars speeding on your street or a dangerous intersection – but now what? First step is to document the situation with data-collection to support your case when addressing local authorities to demand intervention measures. We have the tools to help you do that : speed guns, noise measurers, Go Pro […]


Learn What is Vision Zero? Vision Zero is a fundamentally different approach to road security that starts from the principle that every death or serious injury due to a collision is one too many. Road deaths are preventable. While collisions are inevitable in densely populated areas like cities, you can and must strive to reduce […]

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