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Summer streets

August 2020, August-September 2021, September 2023

Saint Gilles, Laeken

Summer streets are a powerful way of reclaiming the streets. They are an invitation for people to experience directly the benefits for handing streets over to people instead of traffic. More space to play, more encounters with neighbours, cleaner air and hearing birds sing…

They are living labs allowing residents to imagine what their street could look like when redesigned as places to live in instead of driving through. Over the years, Heroes for Zero has organised several summer streets in two neighbourhoods in Brussels- Pôze Midi (Saint-Gilles) and “Heyzel Vivant” (Heyzel). Temporarily pedestrianising these streets blocks crucially also prevented speeding in two areas prone to “urban rodeos”.

These projects were funded by the subsidy “Bruxelles en vacances” from Bruxelles-Mobilité.

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