Heroes for Zero

Since 2017, Brussels citizens have been organizing for safer streets. This citizen mobilisation led, among other things, to a citywide 30kph speed limit. We decided to create Heroes for Zero in order to empower the different local groups and establish a permanent voice for road safety in Brussels.

The Zero in our name stands for zero road deaths and zero seriously injured. And the Heroes? That’s everybody who is already doing his or her part to make this city safe and welcoming.

If we want to achieve these goals, we need to think differently about mobility. First of all, let’s put social life above the need for speed. Motorized traffic makes much of our public space inhospitable: turning that around reinforces our communities. Secondly, let’s make active mobility the mode of choice for trips in Brussels. Nobody should feel unsafe when crossing the street or biking across town. Thirdly, let’s put the most vulnerable first. A city designed for children, elderly and people with a disability is a city designed for all. Lastly, let’s go for social justice, because poor neighborhoods are disproportionately affected and that should concern us all.

If you are concerned about road safety in Brussels, you can help us. Join a local group or become member for a yearly fee of 10€. That helps us reinforce our position towards the administration and pays for recurrent expenses like this website. Use the contact form to get in touch!

Local groups are active in different communes. Heroes for Zero helps them with advice and material support.  Find them on social media or contact us for details: 1140/0 (Evere) – 1081/0 (Koekelberg) – 1083/0(Ganshoren) – 1030/0: (Schaarbeek) – 1060/0 (Sint-Gillis) – 1000/0 – 1020/0 (Brussel & Laken) – 1082/0 (Sint-Agatha-Berchem) – 1080/0 (Molenbeek) – 1210/0 (Sint-Joost-Ten-Node) – 1066/0 (Uccle)

Heroes for Zero - road safety action in Schaerbeek, 2020
Action in Schaerbeek, 2020. Photo Kristof Vadino
Heroes for Zero - Road safety Action in Saint-Gilles
Action in Saint-Gilles, 2019.